If you’re new to AccessShield PRO, this document will help you get an overview of how AccessShield PRO works and how you can customize it according to your needs.

The dashboard

In order for AccessShield PRO to work, it needs to know the type of block it’s performing, the bots and/or visitors to block and the actions to perform whenever a blocked or allowed visitor visits your site.

After you’ve installed AccessShield PRO, by default, every visitor that doesn’t come from the official Google or Bing servers will be blocked by default. Blocked visitors will be able to see your site content but they will not be able to view the links from your content.


1.- Block mode

This setting allows you to define whether to block only certain visitors and by default allow anyone else (Blacklist) or whether to block all visitors by default and only allow access to certain types of visitors (Whitelist).

2.- Visitors to filter

After selecting a block mode, you can select which visitors are allowed or blocked. When the block mode is Blacklist all the bots and visitors selected will be blocked. When the block mode is Whitelist, only the bots and visitors selected will be allowed to your site and anyone else will be blocked. Not all the bots support all filters, so you should be very careful when setting up your filters. This is especially true when you select a bot group. Only the bots that appear on the filter list will be filtered. It is important that you test your setup after setting up the plugin.

3.- Setting the actions

After a block mode and filters have been selected, you need to tell AccessShield PRO how to react when a blocked or allowed visitor visits your site. This is where AccessShield PRO really shines in comparison to other third-party solutions and simple .htaccess files.

Now it’s your turn

We’ve created a short guide that describes step-by-step the process of creating a different setup beyond the default configuration. You can read it here.