Installing & Activating

Installing & Activating

In order to install AccessShield PRO in your website, you will need to have the installable plugin file and a valid license key to activate it. Follow the steps below to install the plugin.

Step 1 - Downloading AccessShield PRO

After purchasing a license, you will be shown your order details. In the downloads section you will find a link to download the plugin along with your license key. The zip file you will be downloading is the plugin you will need to upload to your WordPress site. You can also download the plugin by going to your AccessShield PRO account > Downloads.

Step 2 - Activating the plugin

Once you’ve downloaded the plugin, go to your website and upload the zip file. You do not need to decompress it before uploading it. After uploading and activating the plugin, from the WordPress dashboard, click on AccessShield PRO on the left menu. You will be asked to enter your license. Paste your license and click “activate”. AccessShield PRO will validate your license and begin installing the default components and settings. This operation may take a few minutes.

Once it’s finished installing you will be ready to use AccessShield PRO. In fact, because a default configuration has been installed, you do not need to do anything else. By default, AccessShield PRO will block ANYONE that that doesn’t visit your site from an official Google or Bing server (whitelist). It’s an aggressive configuration but you have the option to configure the plugin to best fit your site’s needs.

Next Steps

Congratulations! AccessShield PRO is ready to protect your site. By default, only Google and Bing servers are allowed to access your site. Please read the following tutorials to test and/or change this setup.